Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How do you know when you're an eccentric?

1. You know where everything is in the mess that is your room (no harm done)
2. You've got sellotaped glasses (fairly mild)
3. You can recall most Pokemon at the drop of a hat (bit odd)
4. You repeat everything you say twice. That's four times (annoying)
5. You named your granny after a cordial..and it sticks to this day (weirdo)
6. You have a jar of your own baby teeth (STAY AWAY FROM MY CHILDREN!!!)

I dunno...I think i'm a bit odd sometimes....
Loads of thoughts running around in my head. For instance:

What direction am I going in my life?

However, in the same thought I can completely waylay my fears, push them to the back of my head and save it for a rainy day, eating toast for breakfast before class in the morning and watching another bomb blast in Bagdad while at the same time letting it breeze over my head while all I do is worry about No.1.
I'm such a cretin.

I don't know why these things bother me....live for the present, right?
But that's my problem. I'm obsessive. I don't put something down, I let it linger, let it follow me around and beat me with sticks like some asbo on a mission.

But then I chill out and put on some Dave Matthews.

He'll sort me ri' out!

And he does. Bless.


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